Events Timeline

Events Timeline
Date Major Events Happened In Lumbini
2008United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visit to Lumbini
2005U. N. International Committee For Development of Lumbini meeting in New
 York USA.
2004Second World Summit
2003Reopened the restored   Maya Devi Temple for the public for the first time on May 16, 2003 – 2547 birth   anniversary of Lord Buddha.
2003Restoration of Mayadevi Temple by Government of Nepal & LDT
2001The International Buddhist Conference held in Lumbini
1998The World Buddhist Summit held in Lumbini.
1997Lumbini enrolled in World Heritage Site by UNESCO
1996Marker Stone Found by LDT/DoA/Nepal & JBF (Pinpoints the exact birth spot of   Lord Buddha)
1993-96Excavation by LDT/DoA/Nepal and JBF (Japan Buddhist Federation) at Mayadevi   Temple
1989Secretary General of United Nations Javier Prezde Cuellar visit to Lumbini
1985Lumbini Development Committee formed as Lumbini Development Trust (LDT)
1972-85Excavation by Department of Archeology Government of Nepal
1979Secretary General of United Nations Kurt Waldeim visit to Lumbini
1978Approval of Master Plan by HMG/Nepal and United Nations
1972  Responsibility awarded to Prof.Kenzo Tange for preparations of Master Plan
1970Formation of U.N.International Committee For Development Of Lumbini in   U.N.Headquarters and establishment of Lumbini Development Committee (LDC)
1967Secretary General of United Nations U.Thant's visit to Lumbini
1962Excavation work by Devela Mitra at the base of Asoka Pillar
1956King Mahendra's proposal for development at the Fourth Assembly of World   Federation of Buddhists
1932-39Extensive digging work by Kaisher Shumsher at Sacred Garden
1930Petition of Mahadan Upasak to Prime Minister for restoration work
1899P.C.Mukherji identified Nativity Sculpture and carried out an excavation of   Mayadevi Temple
1896Asokan Pillar discovered by Gen.Khadga Shumsher & Dr. A.A. Fuhrer
1312Ripu Malla's visit to Lumbini
636Famous Chinese Travelers Hiuen Tsang visit to Lumbini
409Chinese Travelers Fa-hsien visit to Lumbini
350-375 ADChinese Travelers Seng Tsai visit to Lumbini
249 BCMaurya Emperor Asoka visited to Lumbini and erected famous Asoka Pillar
623 BCBirth of Lord Buddha